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Starting from 1.09.2022 in the affiliate program it will be possible to pay commissions only for the Player account method.
All payments from next Tuesday (6.09.2022) will be possible only for Player accounts on website. From these accounts you will be able to withdraw commissions to any of the available payment methods on the site for the country of the game account.

Algorithm of creating an affiliate account:

1. Game account registration at

2.The account must be clean, with no movement on the account. Without bonus accounts (You can not add a new currency, in addition to the main one). It must also be activated via email and/or phone.

3. The account ID must be sent in a chat with an affiliate program manager with a request to mark it as an affiliate account.

4. f there are no problems with the account and it meets all conditions from point 2, you will be informed about its marking. If there are any problems you will be also informed.

5. After the account is marked as an affiliate account, you specify this account as a payment method in the affiliate program.

6. On payout day (Tuesday) you will receive the commission on the game account on the site and you can withdraw the commission by any available method for the country of the game account which was chosen by you at registration.


Withdrawal on any wallets is available only under the condition that you have passed the Two Factor Authentication. There may be more than one wallet. But if they are not tied and Two Factor Authentication is not connected, the output will be closed.

Once Two Factor Authentication is disabled, the output is blocked automatically. To disable two-factor authentication , write to the support chat with questions about the affiliate. Once you connect the two-factor authentication, the output will open to you automatically.

If you need to disable two-factor authentication and bind the purse for withdrawal, you must specify not only the details, but also the payment method:

  • If it is a card, you must specify what payment system (Visa, MasterCard, Maestro or other).
  • If it's mobile payments, specify the details of the wallet.

In the future, when you connect 2-factor authentication, the wallet must be detached to open the withdrawal for all methods.

This request must also be addressed in chat with the manager of the affiliate program.

Example: "456456456 - Open withdrawal to all credentials, please."